Shared Resources

Shared Resources provide researchers with a wide variety of services to ensure that their science is supported by state-of-the-art technology and techniques. Our shared resources are designed to support multidisciplinary research and unite physicians and scientists to speed the transfer of science to patients.

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Associate Director of Shared Resources: Jim Shull, PhD
Assistant Director of Laboratory Research and Shared Resources: Dawn Church, 608-263-4334
Shared Resources Coordinator: MaryAnne Naundorf, 608-262-1344

Biostatistics Shared Resource

Offers statistical support in the design, conduct and analysis of research studies in basic, clinical and population-based sciences

Cancer Informatics Shared Resource

Provides modern and efficient informatics, which includes bioinformatics, clinical informatics, image analysis and computational science

Cancer Metabolomics and Proteomics Shared Resource

Provides the UW campus community with access to cutting-edge small molecule identification and quantification technologies

Circulating Biomarker Core

Provides translation of circulating biomarker research methods for clinical trials and clinical grade assays

Clinical Research Imaging Core

Provides cancer research imaging support and integrates imaging expertise jointly with the  Department of Radiology and the Carbone Cancer Center

Drug Development Core

Facilitates drug discovery and development through the integration of high throughput screening, medicinal chemistry, and pre-clinical and clinical pharmacology

Flow Cytometry Laboratory

Support for fluorescence-based single cell analysis and isolation to further the characterization and understanding of cellular function, biomarkers, pathology and treatment

Genome Editing and Animal Models

Makes gene editing of cell lines and animals (mice, rats and swime) as well as animal biobanking technology accessible and affordable

Glassware Washing & Sterilization

Provides centralized services for cleaning laboratory glassware and sterilizing glassware and media

Microtechnology Core

Develops and applies advanced microscale cell-based assays to enhance basic cell biology research and enable clinical studies

Pharmaceutical Research Center

Coordinates safe and ethical provision of investigational/study medications to research subjects enrolled in clinical drug trials

Scientific Instrumentation Facility

Provides centralized instrument related support to laboratory, translational and clinical research groups in UW Carbone Cancer Center facilities

Small Animal Imaging and Radiotherapy Facility

Provides innovative, state-of-the-art, affordable, noninvasive, high-resolution, in-vivo and ex-vivo imaging and radiotherapy support

Survey of the Health of Wisconsin (SHOW)

Provides access to longitudinal biosamples and survey data from a representative statewide sample, along with technical support for the development of pilot and novel research efforts

Translational Science Biocore

Facilitates basic science and translational research through the integration of human biospecimen collection and storage with associated histological and molecular services