Biostatistics Shared Resource (BSR)

The Biostatistics Shared Resource offers UWCCC members statistical support in the design, conduct and analysis of research studies in basic, clinical and population-based sciences.

Statistical consultation is especially valuable during the planning stage of a research study or a proposal for extramural funding. The early and continuing participation of a biostatistician always improves a grant proposal and the ensuing research. Interim analyses are valuable elements of progress reports, and aid investigators in adjusting the course of their research. The collaboration of biostatisticians in the final analyses, resulting in abstracts for presentation and publications, greatly strengthens the credibility of the study findings to the cancer research community.

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Faculty Leader: Menggang Yu, PhD

BSR Manager: Roxana Alexandridis, PhD

BSR Biostatisticians:
Richard Chappell, PhD; Jens Eickhoff, PhD; Tom Havighurst, MS; Meredith Hyun, MS; KyungMann Kim, PhD; Mike Lasarev, MS; Michael A. Newton, PhD; Yeonhee Park, PhD; Emmanuel Sampene, PhD; Kaitlin Tetreault, MS; Jiwei Zhao, PhD; Grace Yi Chen, MS; Joe Y. Liu, MS

Location:  WARF 2nd Floor, 610 Walnut St., Madison, WI 53726

UWCCC BSR Team, Summer 2022