Clinical Research Services

Applied research services provide researchers with infrastructure, including tools, expertise, processes, and staff to conduct applied research related to cancer.

Clinical Research Central Office (CRCO) Provides infrastructure to support the clinical research of UWCCC investigators
Disease-Oriented Teams (DOTs) Provides a multidisciplinary translational infrastructure to address disease specific interests
Initiative for Theranostics and Particle Therapy (ITPT) A joint initiative of UW Carbone Cancer Center, UW School of Medicine and Public Health, Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation and UW Health to strengthen existing research collaborations, create new partnerships and resources, and drive innovative treatments for metastatic cancer patients in Wisconsin and worldwide.
Precision Medicine Molecular Tumor Board (PMMTB) A statewide service available to oncologists across the state which provides a forum for expert clinicians, pathologists, and scientists to discuss and analyze tumor genotypes and molecular abnormalities in order to recommend patient specific targeted therapies
Wisconsin Oncology Network (WON) A collaborative research network that offers innovative treatment options to patients, with the advantage that patients can be treated in their home communities
Wisconsin Oncology Network for Imaging eXcellence (WONIX) Provides patients with access to advanced molecular imaging throughout Wisconsin