University of Wisconsin–Madison

Acknowledging UWCCC

If you reside in UWCCC space or receive UWCCC Cancer Center Support Grant (CCSG) funding, you are responsible for acknowledging the UWCCC in publications, posters, and presentations per the guidelines below:


You must cite “University of Wisconsin Carbone Cancer Center Support Grant P30 CA014520” if you:

Per the NIH, all investigators funded by the NIH must submit publications for inclusion in PubMed Central and obtain a PubMed CID. NOTE: Verify citations of the UWCCC CCSG when submitting a publication to PubMed Central.

See NIH Public Access website for information about the submission process and a list of journals that automatically submit the publication to PubMed Central.

BuckySubmit: Federal Public Access Compliance Made Easy

To simplify the submission process to a single or multiple agency repositories, Ebling Library’s BuckySubmit service submits soon-to-be-published manuscripts on behalf of publicly-funded researchers. Learn more about the service here.


If you reside in UWCCC space or receive funding from the CCSG (including use of Shared Resources, PRMC or DSMC), you must acknowledge UWCCC when creating a poster or presentation as follows: “UW Carbone Cancer Center, Madison, WI” or “University of Wisconsin Carbone Cancer Center Support Grant P30 CA014520”

Media Library

UWCCC-branded logos, PowerPoint templates, and letterhead are available for use by UWCCC students, staff, and members. Additionally, the School of Medicine and Public Health has its own official logo and PowerPoint templates available for download. For University of Wisconsin—Wisconsin logos or multimedia templates for either print or web, see