Global Oncology

Mission Statement

The mission of the Global Oncology Program within UW-Madison’s Carbone Cancer Center is to foster partnerships between faculty and trainees across campus and with other national and international institutions, with the goal of addressing disparities in cancer care within low- and middle-income countries through research, education, outreach, capacity building, policymaking, and technological innovations.


Vision Statement

Our vision is to reduce disparities and improve cancer health outcomes for all people.


The Global Oncology Program at UWCCC was launched in 2021 in an effort to streamline communication and research happening at a global scale at UWCCC. This program aims to:

  • Increase partnerships and collaboration opportunities between researchers at UWCCC and other institutions
  • Catalogue, highlight, and promote ongoing international cancer activities within UW
  • Develop a Global Oncology community in Madison through networking events, seminars, conferences, workshops, and other educational activities
  • Promote Global Oncology research, capacity building, and outreach efforts by supporting funding opportunities for those wanting to pursue cancer control efforts in LMICs

Leadership Team


Credentials: PROGRAM LEAD

Position title: Assistant Professor - Surgical Oncology


Syed Nabeel Zafar is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Surgical Oncology. Dr. Zafar conducts health services research and research on global oncology/global surgery.

Megan Fitzpatrick

Position title: Assistant Professor - Pathology and Laboratory Medicine


Megan Fitzpatrick is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine. Her research interests include women’s cancer diagnosis and surveillance, including screening program implementation, device development, and diagnostic test validation in low…


Position title: Associate Professor


PROFESSIONAL ACTIVITIES Dr. Noelle LoConte is a faculty member in the Division of Hematology, Medical Oncology and Palliative Care in the Department of Medicine. She leads the UW Carbone Cancer Center’s Outreach, Cancer Control and…

Cathy Lee-Miller

Position title: Assistant Professor - Department of Pediatrics


Cathy Lee-Miller is an Assistant Professor and Fellowship Director in the Department of Pediatrics. She is a member of the Hematology, Oncology & Bone Marrow Transplant division.

Muhammed Murtaza

Position title: Associate Professor - Surgical Oncology


Muhammed Murtaza is an Associate Professor in the Division of Surgical Oncology. He is also Principal Investigator of the Murtaza Lab.

Adeyo Onitillo

Position title: Clinical Adjunct Professor


Dr. Onitilo is board certified in internal medicine, hematology, medical oncology and hospice and palliative medicine. He earned his medical degree at Ogun State University in Nigeria. He did his residency at Columbia University, College…


Position title: Assistant Professor (CHS)


PROFESSIONAL ACTIVITIES Dr. Moniba Nazeef is a faculty member in the Division of Hematology, Medical Oncology and Palliative Care within the Department of Medicine. She is a member of the American Society of Hematology, the…


Position title: Professor, Medical Physics and Human Oncology


Global medical physics research mentorship – Global research and scientific education leadership within the American Association of Physicists in Medicine (AAPM) – Global clinical trials (e.g., Africa) – Development and assistance in Development of undergraduate…


Position title: Program Administration


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