Small Animal Imaging and Radiotherapy Facility (SAIRF)

Contact Us –

Faculty Leader: Jamey P. Weichert, 608-265-0835
Facility Manager: Justin Jeffery, 608-263-0959
Facility Staff: Ashley Weichmann, 608-263-0959
MRI Lab Contacts: Beth Meyerand, 608-263-1685, and Beth Rauch, 608-262-0967
Lab: 608-263-0959

The University of Wisconsin-Madison Small Animal Imaging and Radiotherapy Facility (SAIRF) is a comprehensive core facility of the University of Wisconsin Carbone Cancer Center (UWCCC). We are dedicated to providing innovative, state-of-the-art, affordable, noninvasive, high-resolution, in-vivo and ex-vivo imaging and radiotherapy support to UWCCC investigators, University of Wisconsin researchers, and industry. Although the SAIRF is part of the UWCCC, we investigate all research questions related to a broad spectrum of diseases and disciplines.

The Small Animal Imaging and Radiotherapy Facility (SAIRF) can provide advice and support to users who would like to integrate small animal imaging data into grant applications, proposals and manuscripts.

We are experienced analyzing and interpreting imaging data as well as preparing manuscripts and presentations. As such, we can train users to conduct image analysis and help with manuscript writing and image and data presentation. For example, we can assist in writing imaging methods or generate eye-catching images and videos.

Download the Facility Description for grant proposals.

Contact SAIRF Staff to obtain a “Letter of Support”. View an example SAIRF Letter of Support.

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Images and Videos

The Small Animal Imaging and Radiotherapy Facility is an award-winning facility, with four "Image of the Year" wins and honorable mentions since 2006.

3D rendering of an ex vivo μCT scan of a mouse lung cast to look for alterations in pulmonary airway developoment.

Using the Facility

SAIRF scans animals up to ~500 grams as well as inanimate objects for investigators. Our general workflow includes:

  • Consultation & study design
  • Animal Protocols & housing
  • Imaging/data acquisition

And more!

The Health Sciences Learning Center and Wisconsin Institutes for Medical Research pictured from across the pond, with cattails in the foreground

Acknowledging SAIRF & NIH S10 SIG Equipment

If you used the SAIRF services and/or equipment, you are responsible for acknowledging the SAIRF in publications, posters and presentations. If you used equipment that was funded by the NIH via S10 Shared Instrumentation Grant (SIG), then you must acknowledge the NIH S10 grant as well. For example, “The authors would like to acknowledge the Cancer Center Support Grant: NCI P30 CA014520, University of Wisconsin Small Animal Imaging & Radiotherapy Facility and [insert one of the following NIH S10 Shared Instrumentation Grants] for supporting this work.”
          -MiLabs microSPECT/CT SIG: NIH S10OD028670-01
          -Faxitron Digital X-Ray SIG: NIH S10OD023676-01
          -VisualSonics US/PA SIG: NIH S10-OD018505

For more information, including instructions for retroactively adding acknowledgements, see Acknowledging CCSG, SAIRF and NIH S10 Instrumentation Grants.

Acknowledging UWCCC

If you reside in UWCCC space, receive UWCCC Cancer Center Support Grant (CCSG) funding, or use any UWCCC shared resource, you are responsible for acknowledging the “University of Wisconsin Carbone Cancer Center Support Grant P30 CA014520” in publications, posters and presentations. For more information, see Acknowledging UWCCC Policies.

News from SAIRF

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  • New Equipment Announcement – Ultra High-Resolution SPECT/CT

    The Small Animal Imaging & Radiotherapy Facility (SAIRF) was successfully awarded an NIH Shared Instrumentation Grant (SIG) S10 for an MILabs U-SPECT/CTUHR (ultra high-resolution) system. This system, which is tentatively planned to be installed late summer of …

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    The Small Animal Imaging Facility has officially changed our name to Small Animal Imaging and Radiotherapy Facility (SAIRF) in light of taking over the management of three new irradiators and for our work involving targeted …