Glassware Washing and Sterilization

The Glassware Washing and Sterilization facility provides centralized services for cleaning laboratory glassware and sterilizing glassware and media for UW Carbone Cancer Center (UWCCC) members. The facility works with individual laboratories to accommodate specialized needs.

Dawn Church
(608) 263-4334

Facility Manager
Rob Mueller-Owens
(608) 263-5352


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Using the glass/autoclave service available through the UWCCC has been a huge time-saver and streamlined my lab’s wet bench work. Particularly since our lab in CSC does not have a full-size autoclave or any industrial dishwasher available for use, the availability of door-to-door service provided by knowledgeable staff (Rob Mueller-Owens) greatly improves lab life and minimizes errors that might otherwise arise by having less experienced personnel perform this work. In addition to time saved, our cost savings from being able to autoclave bulk-packed tips in large batches more than makes up for the service cost. Rob is prompt, experienced, and easy to work with. -Claire O’Leary 

The glass wash service is a huge time saver for our lab! It eliminated a need for a glass washing station in our workspace and waiting for time in the shared autoclaves to sterilize the glassware. Glassware is picked up right from your lab and returned fast, sterilized and ready to go! -Emily Kaufman 

Our lab has been using glass wash service for years, and will continue to use it. The service is very good and helpful, it only takes a day or so to get our clean dishes back after sending a request. -Bing Yang 

We really appreciate the convenience of having our glassware handled by Rob in the Glassware Washing and Sterilization facility. We put our used glassware on a rack outside the lab, and simply email Rob when we’re ready for him to pick it up. He brings it back clean, dry, and sterile, within 1-2 days. We know it is done well, and we don’t have to train staff to operate extra equipment or handle more chemicals. Rob is also friendly to work with and communicates well about timelines to meet our needs. -Kathryn Fox, Flow Lab Technical Manager 

The McNeel lab has been using the UWCCC glasswashing facility for 20 years.  The service has been dependable and consistent which is important for reproducibility in scientific research.  Rob, the facility manager, is easy to communicate with and he is extremely conscientious.  The glasswashing service is fast with a usual turnaround time of 24-48 hours. -Laura Johnson, McNeel Lab Manager

Services include high temperature glassware washing, steam sterilization, dry sterilization, RNAse deactivation by baking glassware, acid cleaning of glass pipettes and special acid cleaning of glassware.

The facility services UWCCC researchers at the west end of campus within the Clinical Sciences Center (CSC) and the Wisconsin Institutes for Medical Research (WIMR). Both locations are “closed facilities” with operations performed only by facility specialists 8 hours per day, Monday through Friday. Materials to be processed are picked up at laboratories and returned when finished, usually the following workday.

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