Genome Editing and Animal Models (GEAM)

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Facility Director: C. Dustin Rubinstein
Facility Manager: Kathy Krentz, (608) 890-3785
Lab: (608) 262-9495


425 Henry Mall
Madison WI 53706

Lab Location: 3210 Biotechnology Center
Conference Room: 3126 Biotechnology Center


Genome edited models provide one of the most valuable tools for unraveling the molecular and genetic mechanisms of cancer and for evaluating new strategies for cancer treatment and prevention. This facility has the technical expertise in genome editing, embryo manipulation, and animal husbandry necessary to efficiently generate customized models.


Any published research which received funding from the UWCCC Cancer Center Support Grant (CCSG), including the use of UWCCC Shared Resources to generate or analyze data or conduct clinical trials, must reference the UWCCC. See Acknowledging UWCCC in Publications, Posters and Presentations.