New DDC Faculty Leader: Dr. Tim Bugni

We are happy to announce Dr. Tim Bugni, PhD as the new Faculty Leader for the Drug Development Core (DDC). Dr. Bugni is a Professor in the School of Pharmacy’s Pharmaceutical Sciences Division and he has both historical and active NIH funded research. Tim’s research interests includes marine natural products chemistry, symbiotic microorganisms, drug discovery, metabolomics, and NMR and MS for structure elucidation of novel natural products. Since 2009, his research group has been focused on analytical method development to streamline natural products drug discovery. They have developed tools to expedite discovery novel natural products with therapeutic potential.

The mission of the DDC is to provide the expertise and infrastructure to make state-of-the-art drug development accessible and affordable to UWCCC members, consistent with the UWCCC Strategic Plan goal to develop research services that encourage team science. The DDC supports drug development in all therapeutic areas through the integration of high throughput screening, medicinal chemistry and pharmacology. These services are provided through the combined expertise and equipment of the Small Molecule Screening Facility, the Medicinal Chemistry Center, and the Cancer Pharmacology Laboratory.