Cancer Pharmacology Lab

What We Do


Cancer Pharmacology Lab services include:

  • Sample Acquisition
  • Pharmacokinetic Analytical Assays
  • Pharmacodynamic Assays
  • Preclinical Analytic Services
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Our instrumentation allows us to analyze a variety of matrices, including human and animal blood, plasma, serum, urine, breast and brain tissue.
We have validated HPLC and LC/MS assays for a variety of compounds, including ABT-888, Capecitabine, Cotinine, perillyl alcohol, polyamines, phenylephrine, Sorafenib, UAB30, and other compounds. We also offer method development services for the analysis of novel compounds.

Pharmacokinetics Example
Shown above is a histogram with diode array detector measurements of capecitabine metabolites (5’-Fluorouracil, 5’-Deoxy-5’Fluorocytidine, and 5’-Deoxy-5’Fluorouridine)

We offer a variety of pharmacodynamics analysis services, in coordination with other cores as needed.

Pharmacodynamics Example
Shown here is an analysis of rad51 foci, and MFI for γH2AX and PAR levels. Drug-treated cells (or untreated controls) were isolated from patient PBMCs and stained with antibodies to rad51, γH2AX, and PAR, along with a nuclear dye (DRAQ5). After staining, the cells were sorted by FlowImage in the Flow Lab, to determine MFI and to count individual foci.


Funding received from the UWCCC Cancer Center Support Grant (CCSG) for published research, including the use of UWCCC Shared Resources to generate or analyze data, or conduct clinical trials, needs to reference the UWCCC. See Acknowledging UWCCC in Publications, Posters, and Presentations.

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