Seminar: Levitation Technology Removes Barriers to Challenging Samples

Join the Flow Lab on March 12, 2024 at 11am in WIMR 7001A for a seminar on cleaning up single cell suspensions for cell sorting, single cell genomics and other assays.  Using a unique levitation technology, the Levitas instruments can remove debris to help improve sample quality for a host of down stream assays.  Please see the attached flyer for the QR code to register for this seminar.  We will have an on site demo of this technology in early April 2024.  Date for demo will likely be announced at the seminar and watch for follow up communications to sign up for the demo and see how you can improve your sample quality.

More information about Levitas Technology.

Levitas Seminar Flyer -Wisc 2.8.24 Final pdf