Circulating Biomarker Core Highlight

Since its inception, the CBC has supported 43 different projects, including 14 clinical trials (90% investigator-initiated), with 23 different NCI-designated cancer centers, 35 unique investigators (66% UWCCC members) from multiple Universities (UWCCC, Dana Farber Cancer Institute, etc.), looking at 9 different types of cancer, involving NCI cooperative groups (Alliance and NRG), the BigTen clinical trials network, the Prostate Cancer Clinical Trials Consortium (PCCTC) and pharmaceutical companies (AstraZeneca, Bristol-Myers Squibb, etc.). These liquid biopsy clinical trials have spanned multiple solid tumor diseases: Prostate: Kyriakopoulos NCT03358563, Wei NCT04126070, Lang NCT03725761, Renal: Kyriakopoulos NCT03203473, McKay NCT04071223*, McKay SAMURAI*, Breast: O’Regan NCT03090165, Parkes NCT04762979, Fowler NCT04174352, Wisinski NCT04174352, Wisinski NCT03186937, Lung: Bassetti NCT03275597, Leal NCT03965689*, Morris NCT04936841 (*denotes NCI funded).

Our faculty director Josh Lang, MD, MS leads the core with the help of Co-Director and CLIA Consultant, Kaitlin Sundling, MD, PhD, and Co-Director and Lead Bioinformatician, George Zhao, MD, MSE. Visit our website for more details:

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