Biosafety guidelines for cell sorting

Cell sorting is an aerosol-generating procedure, with greatly increases the risk of airway transmission of hazardous and infectious material. Aerosol incidents are not uncommon during normal sort procedures. These incidents can be caused by sample clogging and other disturbances that increase physical instability of the fragile single-cell stream.
Updated 9/18/17

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Cancer Tip Sheet

The tip sheet is a reference tool based on wiscweb's beginner tip sheet for learning to use WordPress. The tip sheet includes instructions on how to:
1. Access WordPress
2. Make a new page
3. Edit existing pages
4. Create posts
5. Use menus
7. Use the Media Library
...and more

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Cell Cycle Analysis

The cell cycle profile of a sample can be determined by staining the DNA with a fluorescent dye and measuring its intensity. The dye stains DNA stoichiometrically, allowing differentiations of cells in G0/G1, S phase, and G2/M, as well as identification of aneuploid populations. A variety of staining protocols can be adapted for different sample types, but the general analysis remains the same.
Updated 9/18/17

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