On-Demand Webinar: Creative Funding Options for SRLs: from Crowd Funding to Philanthropy

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Webinar Summary:

There is often a lot of pressure on SRL managers to run a partial- or full-cost-recovery core facility which presents many challenges. Identifying and securing external funding (in any form) can alleviate this pressure. This tutorial will cover various funding strategies for SRLs, looking at diversifying funding streams. Dagna Sheerar will provide an overview of traditional and novel methods for funding the purchase of instrumentation, including various grant programs, institutional purchases, and “crowd-funding.” Kylie Price will look at how to find, maintain, and grow philanthropic relationships as well as how to maximize opportunities with high-net-worth individuals/groups.


Kylie Price, Head of Research Technology and Senior Staff Scientist, Hugh Green Cytometry Centre, Malaghan Institute of medical Research, New Zealand.

Dagna Sheerar, Flow Cytometry Director, University of Wisconsin – Madison Carbone Cancer Center Flow Cytometry Laboratory.

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