New Instrumentation in the Flow Lab!

The Sony MA900, or Multi-Application Cell Sorter was installed in the Flow Lab in WIMR 7016 in late September 2021.  The Flow Lab Staff are working to make this instrument available to researchers within the next several weeks.  We are waiting for completion of some lab renovations, certification of the dedicated Biological Safety Cabinet, QC’ing and characterizing the instrument, and finalizing the training program for users. Watch for upcoming announcements for training availability.

The Sony MA900 is a highly automated cell sorter allowing for end-user self-operation and we will be training researchers to operate this instrument independently.  This will allow for more flexible scheduling, and will be available to trained researchers after-hours and on weekends to accommodate unusual time points, long pre-processing workflows, and clinical research samples with later arrival times.

The MA900 is capable of sorting up to 4 populations simultaneously into tubes, single and multiple cell deposition into 6 – 384 well plates and other custom devices, including PCR plates.  Equipped with 4 lasers arranged in co-linear pairs:  488nm & 561nm, and, 405nm & 634nm, 12 fluorescence detection channels, and ability to customize emission filters for specific fluorochromes. Contained in custom biological safety cabinet for sorting up to BSL-2 single cell suspensions.

Photo of Sony MA900