Circulating Biomarker Core Highlight

Since the establishment of the Circulating Biomarker Core (CBC) as a UWCCC shared resource in 2017, they’ve become involved in projects with investigators at UW and outside institutions ranging from bench research to clinical trials and clinical laboratory approval. Their projects involve the evaluation of different types of circulating biomarkers (cfDNA, CTC protein/mRNA/DNA) from patients with different types of solid tumor diseases (prostate, lung, breast, renal, GBM, etc.) geared towards earlier and more comprehensive understanding of therapeutic resistance. Their circulating biomarker testing services have now been applied to 10 clinical trials, involving over 2,000 patient samples, with support from both pharmaceutical companies and cooperative groups(AstraZeneca, Bristol-Meyers Squibb, Immunomedics, the Avon Foundation, BigTen, Alliance for Clinical Trials in Oncology, Wisconsin Oncology Network, and the National Cancer Institute) (NCT03203473, NCT03275597, NCT03232164, NCT01631552, NCT03186937, NCT03090165, NCT04126070, NCT03965689, NCT04071223, NCT04174352). Contact the CBC to see how to include their services in the exploratory objectives of your next clinical trial.

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