BCRAN (Virtual) Meeting March 10, 2021

12 BCRAN members dialed in to join the meeting via WebEx. The following information was included in the meeting:


10Mar21 Meeting Agenda

Highlights from the first Diversity Sub-group meeting were provided by Dr. Lisa Arendt and MaryPat Berry including:

  • Representation of different groups at the table
  • Diversity of this group and/or comes to the research table
  • Approach in defining and identifying the goals of the group (what is happening now? Background info to help us engage people and/or groups that we can reach out to
  • Also surveying the researchers so we can add value to their services.
  • Planning to meet with leaders of the community too

Updates about the Breast SPORE were provided by Dr. Burkard with regards to what’s new with this submission and an overview between the 2020 projects that were submitted vs 2021 projects they are moving forward with.