New Instrumentation, Computer Lab, Old Instrumentation

The UWCCC Flow Lab has some exciting changes happening soon!

  1.  The Aurora Spectral Cytometer will be delivered on Wednesday, January 22, 2020.  This is a 5-Laser, 67-Channel spectral cytometer, which collects a “fluorescence signature” for each fluorochrome included in your experiment allowing us to leverage new fluorochrome combinations not possible with traditional flow cytometry.  Watch this space for install and training dates.  For more information please visit Cytek’s Aurora Resource page for information on panel design, fluorochrome combinations, user guides and manuals, and a spectra viewer specific to this instrument and examples of high parameter panels (40 Colors in one tube!).  Our regional Technical Applications Specialist is already working with some labs to design panels for the Aurora.  Please contact the Flow Lab and we’ll put you in touch to get started.
  2. New Computer Lab in K4/519 CSC.  To accommodate the Aurora, we will be moving all of the data analysis computers to our new computer lab space in K4/519.  We will also host our weekly Data Analysis Office Hours in this space every Wednesday from 10am-12pm.  Please contact the Flow Lab for further information regarding hours and after hours access to the computer lab.
  3. The Flow Lab will be retiring the MACSQuant10 Flow Cytometer on June 30, 2020.  Despite our best efforts, usage has dropped off precipitously on this instrument and we are no longer able to support the service contract and consumables at the current usage level.  If you are one of the users of the MACSQuant10, please contact the Flow Lab at or 263.0313 to schedule training on one of our other analysis cytometers.  We will also work with you to transition your current experiments to the cytometer of your choice.