CRIC Service Integration with HealthLink

After multiple years of development,  CRIC and Radius went live with a new ordering smart phrase on June 1st, 2019.

Available to study coordinators, nurses, and UWCCC providers for ordering tumor response assessments in HealthLink, UW Health’s Electronic Medical Record platform the smart phrase can be used for order CRIC and Radius tumor response assessments within imaging orders.The smart phrase is a great new tool that streamlines the ordering process for UWCCC clinical trial study team members. Instead of ordering the imaging procedure in HealthLink and then emailing CRIC and Radius staff for tumor response assessment needs, study team members can now do both in HealthLink. After the smart phrase is used, the information  populates a report for CRIC and Radius staff providing all needed information for the service with near real time updates. This extra information is an invaluable tool for rapidly turning around assessments with the same high quality standard.

The full standard operating procedure for the ordering smart phrase can be found here.

Please contact CRIC Manager, Alex Arbuckle, with any questions.