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Lisa Davis, RD and Vincent Cryns, MD taste testing the medical food lacking methionine

Above: Lisa Davis, RD and Vincent Cryns, MD taste testing the medical food lacking methionine.

  • Metabolic Priming for Breast Cancer

    Dr. Ruth O’Regan and Dr. Vincent Cryns have teamed up to translate their lab discovery of metabolic priming into a clinical trial in patients with metastatic triple-negative breast cancer. They use a diet low in …

  • WON Helps Foster Cooperation for Clinical Trials

    The UW Carbone Cancer Center conducts hundreds of clinical studies each year to safely develop better treatments for patients and to speed the process of discovery in cancer medicine. Often serving as the link between research …

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Who We Are

The Wisconsin Oncology Network, led by co-directors Nataliya Uboha, MD and Ryan Mattison, MD, is a regional network that allows community health centers to enroll patients in select cancer clinical trials that are open at the UW Carbone Cancer Center

WON sites in Wisconsin and Illinois


Patient participation in cancer clinical trials is the engine that drives advances in cancer care.

A close up of the embroidered W crest on a medical student's white coat as he speaks to a group of medical students


The Wisconsin Oncology Network meets semi-annually in Madison. These meetings are open to WON investigators, clinical trials staff, and pharmaceutical industry research partners.

For details, contact the WON Affiliate Coordinator (608) 265-2867

The Health Sciences Learning Center and Wisconsin Institutes for Medical Research pictured from across the pond, with cattails in the foreground