Update to Flow Lab Distancing Guidelines

With the new COVID testing requirements, we will be able to operate both sorters at WIMR and will be removing the social distancing restrictions for the analysis instrumentation beginning February 8th.  We ask that users still practice social distancing as much as possible:

  • All training and staff-assisted appointments will continue to be carried out via Microsoft Teams.  All analysis computers are equipped with Teams, webcams, and extension cords for your own headphones.  We do have speakers at all instruments, but recommend bringing your own set of headphones to minimize disturbances to other users working at other instruments. You can log into Teams with your UWNet ID and Password from any of our instrument computers.
  • Please use Teams to communicate with lab mates that may want to see samples run on the instruments with you, rather than bringing additional people to the lab. Restrictions are still in place for one person at an instrument at a time and we are still limiting interaction with the staff during cell sorting to set up only.
  • Use email for any requests that cannot be handled in person: uwflow@uwcarbone.wisc.edu   The staff on site are dedicated to cell sorting and training our new staff and are rarely available for walk-in requests.
  • The Flow Lab staff uses Teams and is logged in during business hours, so direct messaging via Teams is another option for communication.

We thank everyone for their understanding as we move to expand services while keeping everyone safe.