Spring 2018 Clinical Research Internship Program

The University of Wisconsin Carbone Cancer Center Clinical Research Internship program was brand new in the spring semester of 2018 and based on the idea of connecting students with clinical research through specific projects and initiatives. Our five excellent interns ensured it will continue through their hard work, ingenuity, and dedication to the UWCCC mission. Read about their experiences at UWCCC, below:


Natalie DePagter

Major, Year, Future Plans: I am currently a junior at UW-Madison studying to become a nurse. I would like to work in oncology, specifically pediatric oncology.

What group do you work with: I’m working in the Finance Department, specifically with Naomi

Describe your project: Working with the Finance Department I am learning a lot about budgets, contracts, the roles of the coordinators and accountants, and the cycle of a bill slip. My main project this semester has been analyzing bill slips and the process of the coordinators inputting the bill slips in OnCore. I interviewed coordinators from some of the different DOTs and compared and contrasted how they were entering the bill slips. Then I logged the bill slips into a spreadsheet that would help determine what DOTs were having the most frequent problems/errors with their bill slips, and what exactly these issues were. The idea behind the project was to see if certain DOTs had a better system/procedure for entering bill slips that others could utilize if they were experiencing more issues.

Favorite experience working at Carbone: My favorite experience so far working at Carbone is meeting and getting to know the other interns. We enjoy talking and learning about the different projects we are working on at Carbone, and about our interests outside of Carbone. I’ve really enjoyed spending time with them.

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Trey Jones

Major, Year, Future Plans:
Clinical Research Associate/Medical Writer at Medline Industries in Chicago. Applying to pharmacy schools this Fall!

What group do you work with: GU

Describe your project: Revision and restructuring of multi-site regulatory procedures, as well as upkeep of other regulatory documents.

Favorite experience working at Carbone: Learning a lot while hanging out with all of the other great interns!

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Lukas Lauer

Major, Year, Future Plans: Pre-medical student who is very on the fence about actually following through and going to medical school, Senior but will be taking classes in the fall, I’ll be working at Carbone and taking physics this summer, hoping to interview with management consulting firms in the fall and graduate with a full time offer

What group do you work with: Finance Department

Describe your project: I worked on a couple of different projects. The one I’m most proud of so far was when I created a full budget from a contract made with one of the pharma companies.

Favorite experience working at Carbone: Getting to know all the interns while working at our station, hope to get to know more of the full time employees over the summer

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Arissa Milton

Major, Year, Future Plans: Majors: Neurobiology and Psychology, Year: Senior, Future plans: hopefully work full time in the UWCCC as a CRC!

What group do you work with: The Hematology and BMT DOT

Describe your project: I’ve done various smaller tasks like tab a patient chart, tab protocols, help archive terminated studies, shadow in the chemotherapy clinic, etc. But I also helped with projects like updating the Heme and BMT protocol binders for the physicians and creating spreadsheets of expected research charges.

Favorite experience working at Carbone: Being able to watch the clinical research coordinators interact with patients, attending the weekly DOT meetings and eating all the free food!

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Suzanne Pye

Major, Year, Future Plans: Biology and Environmental studies Senior, Moving Home and getting a job

What group do you work with: Finance

Favorite experience working at Carbone: Meeting all the other interns!! I’ve had such a fun time working and meeting everyone!


Thanks to all our interns for this hard work this semester!