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March 16, 2021

Big Data and Omics in Cancer Research

This year with our theme of Big Data and Omics in Cancer Research we come together for the Virtual Carbone Cancer Center Research Retreat to share our visions for the future of cancer research and care. We will also report on progress in our current research so we can celebrate and learn from each other.

The contributions from each individual to our Carbone Cancer Center team—from trainees, to administrators, researchers, clinicians and faculty — allow us to move forward together and be the driving force for research, prevention, and treatment initiatives critical to defeating cancer in Wisconsin and around the world.

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Welcome and Keynote - Dr. Bartha Knoppers

Dr. Howard Bailey and Retreat Co-chairs Drs. Shaneda Warren Anderson and Christian Capitini

Cancer Data Sharing: Of Screening, Stratification, and Scores
Bartha Knoppers, PhD


Breakout Sessions

Development of Precision Therapeutics at the UW Medicinal Chemistry Center
A guide for investigators, exemplified by a project presentation
John Feltenberger, PhD and Weiping Tang, PhD

Practical Bioinformatics Tools for Cancer Omics
Irene Ong, PhD

Precision Oncology: Patient and Clinician Perspectives
Mark Burkard, MD, PhD and patient
Nataliya Uboha, MD, PhD and patient
Dusty Deming, MD

Trainee Presentations

Yang Hu – Paclitaxel induces micronucleation and activates pro-inflammatory cGAS-STING signaling in triple-negative cancer

Hannah Micek – The Influence of Extracellular Matrix on Metastatic Multicellular Detachment in High-Grade Serous Ovarian Cancer

Nicholas Mohrdieck – An immune co-stimulatory vaccine, with adoptive transfer of natural killer cells and immune inhibition blockade, after allogeneic bone marrow transplant, delays and reduces

Monica Cho – CD155 blockade boosts alloreactive natural killer cell antitumor effects against osteosarcoma

Arika Feils – INV721, a bispecific SNIPER antibody targeting GD2 and B7H3, improves tumor specific immunotherapeutic antibody targeting of neuroblastoma tumors

Nan Sethakorn, MD, PhD – LumeNEXT: A microfluidic organ-on-chip model of the bone niche in solid tumor metastases to assay stroma-mediated drug resistance

Maria Virumbrales-Munoz, PhD – 3D Patient-Specific Microfluidic Models of Primary Head and Neck Cancer To Evaluate Individual Drug Responses

Ngai Ting Chan – Transcriptional elongation machinery controls vulnerability of breast cancer cells to PRC2 inhibitors

Poster Session

Once in main Zoom session select the room you want to attend.

Session #1:  Cancer Immunotherapy: Adoptive Cell Therapy
Session #2:  Cancer Immunotherapy: Biologics
Session #3:  Immune-related Adverse Events
Session #4:  Single Cell Analyses/Cancer Stem Cells
Session #5:  Precision Medicine
Session #6:  Molecular Oncology
Session #7:  Tumor Microenvironment
Session #8:  Cancer Virology
Session #9:  Clinical Oncology
Session #10:  Population Health

Abstract Book

Keynote - Dr. Mia Levy

From N-of-1 to N-of-All: Clinical Decision Making in the Era of Precision Medicine & Big Data
Mia Levy, MD, PhD

Breakout Sessions & Closing Remarks

Breakout One

Using a Population-Health Data Infrastructure to Collect Multi-Omic Data to Address Cancer Health Disparities
Kristen Malecki, PhD

Breakout Two

Solid and Liquid Biomarkers to Personalize Treatment in Prostate Cancer
Shuang (George) Zhao

Breakout Three

Shared Resources for Big Data
Bioinformatics Resource Center
DNA Sequencing Facility
Mass Spectrometry/ Proteomics Facility
Cancer Metabolomics
Data Science Hub
Microbiome Hub

Announcement of awards for trainee presentations

Dr. Bailey, Dr. Warren Anderson and Dr. Capitini

Keynote Speakers

Bartha Maria Knoppers, PhD, is an expert on the ethical aspects of genetics, genomics and biotechnology. Professor Knoppers’ research focuses on human rights as a driver for data sharing.

Mia A. Levy, MD, PhD, is the Director of the Cancer Center at Rush University Medical Center and the System Vice President for Cancer Services at Rush System for Health.  Dr. Levy’s research mission is to develop and disseminate learning cancer systems that deliver data and knowledge driven clinical decision support across the continuum of cancer care and research.