TSB BioBank


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Annotated Biospecimens

Flash frozen, cryopreserved, formalin-fixed and paraffin embedded, and OCT embedded biospecimens

Biospecimen Informatics

Chart review for PRMC and IRB approved protocols


H&E Staining

Customized Biospecimen Acquisition

For PRMC and IRB-approved protocols

Pathology Slide Review

  • H&E stained slide interpretation
  • Interpret IHC slides in conjunction with H&E
  • Evaluate IHC staining for antibody optimization (per antibody)

Equipment Rental

Visit our iLab page to reserve the Bioanalyzer, Cryostat, Microtome, or Vibratome.


Any published research which received funding from the UWCCC Cancer Center Support Grant (CCSG), including the use of UWCCC Shared Resources to generate or analyze data or conduct clinical trials, must acknowledge the UWCCC. See Acknowledging UWCCC in Publications, Posters, and Presentations. Please also acknowledge “UWCCC TSB-BioBank” for any work supported by the BioBank.  Thank you!