Final Research and Certificate Presentations

High School Education

                                                                                        Our Goal

Our goal is to enrich the education of 6-12 grade students from diverse backgrounds underrepresented in biomedical fields. By providing year-round science education, a diverse array of cancer focused activities to bolster skills, and community experiences, we can improve student potential to thrive in advanced degree science programs and engage in cancer health related careers.

ARISE Details

 Hands-on cancer lab experience
20 hrs./week

Interns will be placed in a mentor lab and participate in cutting edge cancer research. This includes:
• Laboratory Skills training
• Getting to know the bench
• Weekly lab meetings
• One-on-one check-ins with the Principal Investigator
• Supporting other research in the lab
• Working on a project of their own

The application window for the 2024 ARISE program is now closed.

The application window for the 2025 Summer Cancer Research Internship program will open on

January 1, 2025

Enrichment activities
3-5 hrs./week

Outside of the 20 hours in the labs, interns will participate in several career development/enrichment activities. Examples include:
• Career exploration – School of Nursing and School of Pharmacy
• Pathology experience
• Medical ethics discussion
• Career panels
• Soft skills for professionals
• Workshops on how-to give a science presentation
• Cohort social events

ARISE Summer Research Internship Information

What is the ARISE High School Cancer Research Program?

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Program Details

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You will need to have the following ready to upload to the application when you submit the document.

  1. Your personal statement.
  2. Copy or screenshot of: a progress report or a class schedule. These do not need to be official. We need one or the other for proof of enrollment.
  3. Please make sure to contact your reference and let them know we will be reaching out to them for a letter of recommendation on your behalf. This should be a teacher, coach, school staff member that knows you the best.

If you have any questions about the program and/or application process, please reach out to:

 Sofia Refetoff          Mary Headington
(608)770‐4150           (608)265-2784

Cancer Education Opportunities

Classroom Visits

Let us come to you:

  • Student talks
  • Share program information
  • Cancer survivors
  • Small lab activities
  • Support and enrichment

Community Outreach

Get your students involved in the cancer causes with volunteering.

  • Roll-N-Stroll
  • Be the Cure
  • Bowlin’ for Colons
  • Badger Challenge

Alumni Corner


2022 Alumni
Listen to Olivia’s Experience


Studied T-Cell migration

analysis in Dr. David

Kosoff’s Lab during his

ARISE Internship

in 2022. Siraj continues to

work in the Kosoff Lab



2022 Alumni
Learn more about Lily’s Experience


2022 Alumni
Emory Bresnick, PhD – PI
Vu Tran – Direct Supervisor

Parent Testimonials

“The presentations yesterday were truly impressive for their delivery, attention to time constraints, and especially for the level of understanding that the students achieved in such a short time. Those presentations just reinforced the sense that the internships are a truly unique experience. ”  ~Erik

“Skyler is enjoying every aspect of the internship and we know this whole experience will only point him in the right direction. He speaks highly of everyone, and enjoys sharing what he’s learning with us.  He is excited & enthusiastic about the internship & everyone involved. It’s been great. ” ~ Loreen

“Ashley loves the program and we are continually blown away by what a great opportunity it is! She is learning so much and it’s opening her mind to studies and careers she didn’t know existed.” ~ Julie

Intern Excitement

“Applying for the UWCCC internship is likely the best decision I’ve made. Not only did the internship introduce me to an R1 science lab, but it also provided me with excellent guidance, helpful connections, and a fun summer experience. Working alongside brilliant grad students, I helped conduct experiments to further understand the relationship between GATA2 protein deficiency and its effects on cell signaling.”
– Bjorn, 2022 Summer Intern

“For me it was about being in an environment that was a real-world experience. It really gives you insights as to whether or not this is something you want to do.”
Ananya 2022 Summer Intern

“It was a really great hands-on lab opportunity. I learned a lot about cancer, prostate cancer specifically.”
Zaki 2022 Summer Intern

“After the Pathology experience, I have been researching and looking into Pathology and I am incredibly interested in the field.”
Lily 2022 Summer Intern


Sofia Retetoff                   Mary Headington
(608)770‐4150                   (608)265-2784