Biostatistcs and Bioinformatics Core (BBC)


George Zhao, MD

Assistant Professor Human Oncology 

Jens Eickhoff, PhD

Scientist III – Biostatistics

Menggang Yu, PhD

Professor Biostatistics and Medical Informatics

Biostatistcs and Bioinformatics Core (BBC)


The objective of the Biostatistics and Bioinformatics Core (BBC) of the University of Wisconsin (UW) Prostate Cancer SPORE, is to promote excellence in prostate cancer translational and clinical research by providing dedicated and outstanding biostatistical and bioinformatic consultation and collaborative support to the Prostate Cancer SPORE projects, Radiopathology Core, Administrative Core, and other investigators whose projects are supported under the Developmental Research Program and Career Development Program. This support and collaboration will include laboratory and clinical-based research, focusing on translation from laboratory studies to clinical studies. The BBC will achieve its objective by supporting investigators and providing statistical, bioinformatics, and data management expertise, thus enhancing the quality and ensuring the validity of the research undertaken in the Prostate Cancer SPORE. The BBC will provide expertise in all stages of the research, from formulation of research questions through study experimental design, data collection and management, to data analysis, interpretation and dissemination of results through publications.

Specific Aims:

Aim 1 – To collaborate with the UW Prostate Cancer SPORE investigators in study design, analysis, and interpretation of data, and writing of scientific manuscripts.
Aim 2 – To ensure the transparency and validity of statistical and bioinformatic analysis via rigorous data collection, standardization of the variety of data that arise from the UW Prostate Cancer SPORE projects, confidential and secure data archiving and data sharing, and centralized data management activities including validation and consistency checking of all collected data.
Aim 3 – To develop new statistical and bioinformatics methods relevant to the individual projects.