Establishing a biosafety plan for a flow cytometry shared resource laboratory

A biosafety plan is essential to establish appropriate practices for biosafety in a shared resource laboratory (SRL). A biosafety plan will contain the essential information for the use of biological samples on specific instrumentation, their apparent risks, and the steps that should be taken to mitigate these risks. Establishment of a biosafety plan can be a daunting task as the variety of pathogens that come through the SRL is highly diverse and may change over time; however, having a plan that can adapt to this variety will provide a framework for addressing concerns and educating personnel and users on biosafety practices. Using resources available at your institution and developing a robust relationship with health and safety personnel at your institution is key to generating an effective biosafety plan. Here we provide a basic underlying structure for a biosafety plan to aid SRL personnel in generating or maintaining their biosafety procedures, and provide guidance for establishing a dynamic, living biosafety plan.

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