Priority Funding Opportunities

The UW Carbone Cancer Center is transforming the future of cancer research every day. Our researchers lead the field in advanced cancer research thanks to our generous sponsors. Priority funding gives researchers the opportunity to invest in promising ideas and continue to innovate as discoveries are made. Read more below to learn about priority funding opportunities and the impact your giving can have on cancer research today.

Greatest Need Fund


The UW Carbone Cancer Center Greatest Need Fund provides flexible resources needed for research to move quickly in unexpected directions and to swiftly pursue promising clinical applications. These essential discretionary funds provide a stable foundation by covering costs of critical services and innovative research not entirely funded by grants or other support.

Physician talking to a patient.


Gifts of all sizes are welcome to grow UW Carbone’s Greatest Need Fund, including estate gifts. Donors receive recognition through the Wisconsin Foundation and Alumni Association leadership giving societies and also receive regular updates on research and education.

Get In Touch

Call (608) 264-5437 or email to learn more about advancing innovative cancer research and treatment at the UW Carbone Cancer Center

Innovation Fund


The UW Carbone Cancer Center Innovation Fund provides a unique opportunity for UW Carbone leaders to invest key seed funding in the most promising new ideas, enhance resources available to our researchers, meet matching challenges included in many grants and respond to innovative and emerging needs. Donors to this discretionary fund are true partners in the transformative work being done at the UW Carbone Cancer Center. For a list of current Innovation Fund members, please click here.

Get In Touch

Call (608) 264-5437 or email to learn more about advancing innovative cancer research and treatment at the UW Carbone Cancer Center


Supporters of UW Carbone’s Innovation Fund make a renewable commitment of $100,000 or more, payable over a four-year period. Innovation Fund members receive a bi-annual impact report, early notification of groundbreaking research and special access to the UW Carbone Director. Donors to the Innovation Fund of $1M or more are included in the Director’s Circle.

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Impact of Discretionary Giving

Pilot Research

As new ideas emerge, small pilot grants help researchers gather data needed to pursue much larger federal grants or industry awards

Clinical Research Support

Supporting clinical trials development in order to enroll as many patients as possible in promising new clinical research

Recruitment & Retention

Recruiting and retaining the best minds and kindest hearts to conduct research and care for our patients, by providing outstanding labs, technology and staff to encourage new faculty to come to Madison

New Faculty Start-Up

As new faculty members arrive, they often have specific equipment, supply and staff needs to quickly launch their research initiatives


Supporting our health disparities programs, development and marketing needs and our key membership fees, including the National  Comprehensive Cancer Network

Young Investigator Support

Investing in the best of our homegrown talent by funding multi-year fellowships for new doctors to continue highly specialized training while caring for patients and conducting research


Upgrades to our current equipment, new equipment and service agreements

Bridge Funding

When funding for promising research runs out before the next grant is received, bridge funding allows researchers to receive short-term funding to continue work and sustain momentum

Educational Programs

Sharing knowledge and discovery globally by sponsoring symposiums, conferences, lectures, summer research experiences for undergraduate students and matching support for federally-sponsored training programs