New Equipment: Shimadzu HPLC for PK/PD

The Cancer Pharmacology Lab (CPL) recently acquired a new Shimadzu high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) instrument, boosting their capacity to run pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic analyses!  The new instrument features an SPD-M20A Diode Array Detector module, allowing it to simultaneously measure a range of wavelengths and compare signal across all of them, while still maintaining a sensitivity comparable to the most advanced UV-Vis detectors. CPL just completed their first analysis on the new instrument, a measurement of the capecitabine metabolites 5’-Fluorouracil (5FU), 5’-Deoxy-5’Fluorocytidine (DFCR), and 5’-Deoxy-5’Fluorouridine (DFUR), and is ramping up to run a pharmacokinetic analysis of the novel PARP inhibitor talazoparib in human plasma.  Contact Gene Ananiev if you have a need for pharmacokinetic / pharmacodynamic analysis in your research project.