Big Ten Cancer Connection: How universities are working together to fight cancer

MADISON, Wis. (CBS 58) – As Big Ten rivals battle it out on the field this fall, researchers from the schools are coming together to fight cancer.

The Big Ten Cancer Research Consortium is a clinical cancer trial network. University of Wisconsin-Madison is a proud participant.

“We’re all very happy to work together,” UW-Madison Professor of Medicine Dr. Ruth O’Regan said.

O’Regan says she’s always cheering on the Badgers, but when it comes to her work, collaboration is key.

“I’m currently leading a trial on breast cancer where we’re leading it but we’re also recruiting patients from Michigan State, Penn State, University of Illinois and University of Nebraska,” she said.

In addition to her role at UW-Madison, O’Regan is the chief scientific officer of the Big Ten CRC.

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